Strategic, Customized Business Services to Help You Thrive

Because many of our wealth management clients are business owners, we offer a robust portfolio of business services for organizations of all types and sizes, including:

  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan Services — We provide in-depth, unbiased consultation and custom plan design, including selection of service providers and investment options, development of custom Investment Policy Statements, employee education and enrollment assistance, and ongoing monitoring and analysis of plan performance.
  • Business Consulting Services — Leveraging our experience as both CPAs and wealth advisors, we consult on a broad variety of decisions throughout the business lifecycle. From the preparation of business formation documents to helping you prepare your business to sell, our goal is to optimize the long-term health of your business, as well as your personal and family wealth.
  • Insurance — We offer a tax-centric perspective on selecting the insurance you need for both your business and your family. With access to a broad network of trusted insurance carriers, we consult with you on insurance products designed to help you maximize your investments and tax position, and on solutions that can adapt as the needs of your business and your family evolve.
  • Tax Management — We help you protect your investments by minimizing taxes wherever possible. Our extensive experience as CPAs provides us with deep insights into strategic measures to reduce your tax burden related to investments. We also coordinate the activities of all involved parties on your behalf, and make proactive recommendations for the coming tax year.
  • Structured Settlements — As a service for attorneys whose income includes payments from structured settlements, we provide specialized investment and tax planning services. Our solutions give you greater control and choice over your structure design, allowing you to participate in the market, defer current taxes, and make potentially higher returns.


There’s more than just CPA in our DNA. We’re CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS, too. Born out of a CPA firm, we offer cost-effective business services and tax-smart solutions to address your most pressing business needs. Depending on your requirements, we can provide our services either as a holistic offering, or on an a la carte basis.

Whichever approach you prefer, we’ll help you gain greater peace of mind about your business, allowing you to proceed with confidence on the day-today activities that only you can make. To learn more about our array of business services, please click on the links at left, or contact us.