Business Consulting Services Dedicated to Your Financial Success

Owning a business can be one of the most gratifying experiences in one’s life, and a key strategy in building wealth. At the same time, business ownership can present a host of high-stakes decisions with lasting financial repercussions, both good and bad.

Because many of our wealth management clients are business owners, we have developed a specialized Business Consulting Services practice focused specifically on the myriad of financial decisions they face as business owners. Bringing to bear our experience as both CPAs and wealth advisors, we consult on a broad variety of issues and decisions, focused on optimizing the long-term health of the business, as well as our client’s personal and family wealth.

In addition to working closely with our clients on financial strategies for their businesses, we also serve in a central coordinating role. For example, through our business consulting services, we can help communicate with and coordinate or guide the work of attorneys, CPAs, and any other professional working on your team to achieve a financial goal.

Guidance throughout the Business Lifecycle

We have the expertise required to consult with business owners to optimize their financial position at every stage of their ownership. For example, we can help even before the creation or acquisition of a business. We can consult on the preparation of business formation documents, company-sponsored retirement plans, and securing key person and other types of insurance.

As the business matures, we can provide guidance in financial decisions large and small, including but not limited to employee compensation decisions, buy/sell agreements, key man insurance, and more. Later in the business lifecycle, we can advise if and when you should take cash out of your business. Finally, we can guide you in preparing your business to sell and choosing the most advantageous approach to finding a buyer.

In short, we can provide thoughtful guidance regarding every type of decision that affects your business’s financial health. To begin the conversation, and to learn more about our business consulting services, please contact us.