Insurance as a Core Part of Your Financial Picture

Carefully selected insurance coverage plays a vital role in the financial health of you and your family — for many obvious reasons, and some that are less obvious.

For example, we can plan and arrange for the specific types of insurance coverage required to meet the needs of your family. From whole life insurance to long-term care and disability coverage, we have access to a network of trusted insurance carriers that is significantly broader than many other wealth management firms can offer. Because we do not have proprietary insurance products, we are able to take a completely unbiased approach, motivated only by finding the coverage that best meets your needs.

We can also help you design your insurance coverage to provide less obvious benefits. To begin with, thanks to our extensive experience as both CPAs and wealth advisors, we offer a more tax-centric perspective. To name just one example, by investing in the right type of life insurance, you can sometimes minimize the tax impact of investment earnings inside the life insurance contract while continuing to contribute to retirement, an especially wise choice for younger people who may have maxed out on their retirement investment for a given year*. More broadly, we consult with you on ways to structure your insurance coverage to maximize your investments and tax position with solutions that can adapt as your family’s needs evolve.

Our goal is to protect you and your family by helping you get the coverage that best meets your needs. At the same time, we simplify your life by allowing you to avoid the frustration of shopping among different insurance agents and firms. We work with you to determine the best way insurance can fit in your financial picture, and then do the work of finding the coverage that will best meet your needs. To learn more about our insurance services, please contact us.

*Please consult with both your financial and tax advisor for specific advice.