Tailored Investment and Tax Planning Services for Structured Settlements

If your law firm’s attorneys work on contingency fee cases, it’s quite possible that you are essentially being penalized by low, fixed interest rates on your structured settlements.

Now there’s a more efficient way to receive tax advantages on your structured settlements. At Darnall Sikes Wealth Partners, we provide you with greater control and choice over your structure design, allowing you to not only defer current taxes, but also to potentially make higher returns by participating in the market.

With our solution, you will still eventually pay taxes on your withdrawals — but importantly, you can defer your payout as long as you choose. By helping you invest your fees in diversified portfolios, we give you an alternative to standard fixed-rate solutions — and what could be a highly effective strategy as you pursue your financial goals.

How We Help You Protect Your Bottom Line

Because Darnall Sikes Wealth Partners was born out of a third-generation CPA firm, we have a deep bench of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals who are experienced in helping attorneys with investment and tax planning.

Our enhanced service capabilities involving structured settlements allow us to give you greater flexibility by deferring income taxes on your fees. We also help you arrange to have your deferred payouts occur when and how they will best meet your needs. Our investment and tax planning services deliver such benefits as:

  • Tailored structures with diversified portfolios that have delivered historically greater returns than purely fixed-income solutions — providing a significant inflation hedge on your structure.
  • Sound advice on ways to optimize your diversified* portfolio’s financial potential, including deferring the timing of your withdrawals and/or lengthening your payout’s duration.
  • Comprehensive guidance on managing shorter-term structures, where fixed-rate solutions may better meet your needs.

Working with Darnall Sikes Wealth Partners provides you with smart choices in how to design your structured settlements — and a flexible investment strategy that can adapt as your needs change. Through our investment and tax planning services, we focus on helping you position your structured settlement in a diversified portfolio, providing far greater choice and control than you may have thought possible.

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*Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.