We Tailor our Services for a Custom Fit.

wealth-serivces-featuredOur firm offers a broad array of wealth management services to high net worth owners of closely-held business, and their families. We help address such immediate needs as business planning and investments, as well as longer-range needs including education, insurance, retirement, and legacy planning. With more than 20 professionals on staff, our team includes CPAs, MBAs, an attorney and more CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals than many firms.

Our wealth management services firm had its origins in the field of accounting, giving us deep insight into the tax implications of the many challenges and opportunities facing our clients. This insight strengthens our roles as financial advisors, and ensures that tax planning and management are at the core of all the advice and planning we provide. It also allows us to develop comprehensive financial plans featuring some of the most sophisticated, tax-smart wealth management solutions available. From portfolio returns to retirement planning, we have the knowledge you need.

Rely on us for Comprehensive Wealth Management Services

In addition, we are part of Avantax’s extensive network of strategic research partners, world-class investment platforms, and investment product providers. Our exclusive suite of wealth management services and tax-optimized solutions come with access to the right experts and solutions at the right time.

Your right size engagement level

We can engage with you in several ways, depending on your needs and preferences.

  1. Single service: We can help you address a particular financial issue, such as rolling over a retirement plan or obtaining life insurance.
  2. Holistic consulting: If you’re interested in addressing multiple needs (such as managing investments, planning for your retirement or your children’s education) we can take a more holistic approach meeting with you annually to assess your financial picture and recommend any changes that may be advantageous.
  3. Premium ongoing consulting: We’re happy to work with you to create a customized, comprehensive financial plan, and then meet with you several times during the year to evaluate progress, discuss new developments, and make appropriate adjustments.

We look forward to hearing about your needs and concerns, and providing you with the level of service you deserve. To begin the discussion, please contact us.