Independent Investment Planning Services

Through our investment planning services, we effectively manage our clients’ investments with a disciplined approach. Informed by comprehensive financial planning, we help clients define an investment strategy and keep them focused on continually making the financial decisions throughout their lives to see the investment plan through. Strengthening and informing our approach is our close partnership with our broker dealer, Avantax Wealth Management, which gives us access to a rich set of resources and specialized expertise we leverage on behalf of our clients. Avantax’s services, in turn, are supported and guided by some of the most widely respected strategic financial advisors of our time, including:

  • Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D. — Nobel prize recipient for inventing Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Dr. Arthur B. Laffer — Widely hailed as the father of supply-side economics and a member of President Reagan’s economic policy advisory board.

Our investment planning services are different from those offered by many other firms in several ways. First, we are entirely independent of any financial institution, and therefore not motivated to promote any particular products other than those that will be most beneficial to our clients. Also, because we were born out of a CPA firm, we make all our recommendations through the lens of tax optimization. That heritage also helps us work more effectively with our clients’ accountants, whether those are at our sister firm or any other CPA firm.

In either case, we add value by playing the role of tax coordination “quarterback” — doing what it takes to position our clients’ investment holdings to minimize tax liabilities both today and in the future. We are ready to demonstrate the impact that our combination of deep expertise and significant investment resources can make for your financial well-being. To learn more about our investment planning services, please contact us.

Clarity for your financial decisions. Quality partners for the journey.