Legacy Planning: Financial Decisions that Truly Last

Legacy planning is a specialized service we offer that allows clients to not only pass their wealth on to their children but, if they so desire, to establish funding for special programs, scholarships, or other types of legacies that will live on after their death. This is by its nature a highly personal decision, and a way to leave a lasting impact on one’s community, state or region, or even country.

Legacy planning typically has a broader goal than estate planning, which tends to focus on allowing more of the estate to be passed down to heirs by avoiding the costs of probate and minimizing estate taxes. While we do not perform legal services, we advise clients with estate planning needs and help with implementation by coordinating with attorneys on the preparation of associated wills, Power of Attorney documents, and living wills.

Looking Beyond the Horizon

For clients who are interested in leaving more than financial gifts to heirs, we offer our expertise, advise and support. We start by discussing the type of legacy or legacies they want to leave, then help clients implement their vision from a financial perspective to ensure their wishes are carried out. If our client is already working with an attorney, we can work with the legal team to articulate the client’s vision so that it can be properly delineated in the will — whether it’s something as simple as a memorial park bench or as substantial as an endowed chair at a college or university.

We have a deep appreciation for our clients’ desires to leave a legacy, and we consider it one of the most meaningful services we offer. To learn more, please contact us.