How to Financially Navigate a Divorce

Experiencing a divorce is rarely something couples expect to face. Yet, inevitably, some marriages do unravel, affecting each partner’s financial life in the process. While divorce overall has been steadily decreasing, it’s still common in the U.S. In fact, among those 50 and older, the divorce rate has doubled since 1990 and tripled for those… Read More

Investors: Don’t Be Your Own Enemy

serious businessman thinking through his decisions

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy By Sean C. Mahoney, CFP® One of the most well-known investors of the 20th Century, Benjamin Graham, said that “the investor’s chief problem—and even his worst enemy—is likely to be himself.” What Graham understood—and modern research is catching up to—is the idea that we all have emotions and biases… Read More

Living a Rich Life

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Living a “Rich Life” By David Strother, CFP®, AIF, AIFA “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau Let’s face it. Money is like a sugar high. It makes you happy in the short term but will leave you unsatisfied without a greater purpose. To most people, wealth is defined as… Read More

401(k) Plan Administration

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Best Practices in 401(k) Plan Administration By Blake C. Adams, MBA, CPFA Let’s talk about best practices in 401(k) plan administration. We are approaching the time of year when many companies undergo an annual audit of their 401(k) plan. Even if an audit is not required of your company’s 401(k) plan, this is a great… Read More

How Tax-Loss Harvesting Can Make a Difference

How Tax-Loss Harvesting Can Make a Difference By Terrance Keenan, Jr., JD I believe long-term planning is a great path to financial freedom, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take now to help maximize your net returns. One example is tax-loss harvesting. Often thought of as an end-of-the-year exercise, tax-loss harvesting works… Read More

Saving Too Much for College

Saving Too Much for College By Michael T. Domingue, CFP®, MBA As a parent, you want your children to succeed and soar to great new heights. A large part of this would be planning for their future and setting them up for success. There are many ways to do this, but a popular method is… Read More

Why Holistic Planning Is Important

Why Holistic Financial Planning is Important By Jed Inzerella, CFP®, RFC Why Holistic Financial Planning is Important Most often, clients are the only ones able to see their entire financial picture. Since most individuals do not have expertise in financial planning, tax and accounting, insurance, estate planning, etc., they seek out subject matter experts who… Read More