Who is the ideal candidate for a securities-backed line of credit?


I believe that this particular platform is best suited for our clients who believe in the power of holistic financial planning. Our dealers that have been partnering with Darnall Sikes for some time would appreciate this and they understand that their re-insurance companies are certainly a big part in some instances of their long-term financial plan.

One of the thought processes going into creating this structure and this opportunity and this platform is that many dealers want to have long-term investment vehicles and stay intact, they understand the power of diversified portfolios. In addition, we’re able to take advantage of a lower interest rate environment that we have today and I think that’s also an advantage in the current times, and we’ll see where that goes from here but it looks like we may end may be in a fairly low-interest-rate environment for some time. And so one of the advantages, again, that dealers want to consider is “Are my earnings potentially greater than the cost to the third-party lending institution?” And while we don’t know the answer to that, we know that in a lower-interest-rate environment, it potentially has more merit than another interest-rate environments.

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