Other Resources

There are some pieces in our library that we feel stand the test of time.  Below you will find a range of documents from one-pagers to white papers that share our investment approach and why we are so passionate about investing for the long-term.

The Growth of $1

Have you ever thought about how a $1 investment could grow over a long period of time? This piece demonstrates the balance of risk and return using the theoretical growth of $1 from 1926-2021.

The Cost of Market Timing

It’s impossible to time the market perfectly. Incorrectly timing the market can come at a high cost to your to your long-term financial goals. Our Financial Advisors can help you stay disciplined in your investment approach and maximize time in the market as opposed to market timing.

Providing Perspective on Equity Returns

Gain insights into the distribution of U.S. stock returns over a long period of time (from 1825 to 2021). Visualize the historical positive and negative return years.

The Behavioral Effect on Investor Returns

In this piece, we show returns from six major asset classes for the 20-year period ending in 2020. The annual return of the average mutual fund investor is shown as underperforming the markets due to poor investor behavior.

The Cycle of Market Emotions

The markets effect how you feel and likewise human emotions affect the stock market. Having an understanding of the role emotions play in the market cycle can help you avoid making decisions based on feelings that may trigger an impulse to buy and sell at the wrong time.