New Iberia Financial Services & Planning

The Darnall Sikes Wealth Partners LLC office in New Iberia is just a 25-minute drive from our Lafayette office: 21 miles southeast of Lafayette on Louisiana Highway 90. New Iberia is also a key contributor to our state’s Cajun heritage, and it is known around the world as the home of Tabasco hot sauce, which has been in continual operation since 1868. The city also sits on the oldest salt mine in North America. Each year, New Iberia hosts the Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival, as sugar cane is the principal crop grown in the region. The Conrad Rice Mill, which opened in 1912, is the nation’s oldest operating rice mill and is on the US National Register of Historic Places. The Shadows on the Teche, an 1834 sugar plantation, is a top tourist attraction. We are thankful to be a part of the New Iberia community, and we are honored to have served its warm and wise people for more than 40 years.

What services are offered from the New Iberia office?

Our New Iberia financial services office is located in the Community First Bank Towers at the corner of Admiral Doyle Drive and Lewis Street. We help our clients address their financial planning holistically, and we work together with Inzerella Feldman and Pourciau CPAs to serve our New Iberia clients with all their financial needs. From this location, we also serve Reinsurance clients nationwide. Whether you sell automobiles to RVs or furniture, we have a flexible reinsurance investment program to help you meet your financial goals. It is our pleasure to advise business owners and families alike—helping them make sound financial decisions throughout their lives.