A Premium Level of Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

At Darnall Sikes Wealth Partners, we develop insights into the many interlocking components of your financial situation. Just as importantly, we offer comprehensive financial planning services that encompass all of those components — from cash flow to retirement plans, investments, legacy planning and others. At our premium service level, we create a comprehensive financial plan at the outset of our engagement, a detailed document based on our thorough review of your financial picture. This document functions like a roadmap for all of your financial decisions. We provide you with complete advice for financial clarity.

We hold a series of regularly scheduled meetings to create a logical structure for your financial goal tracking and decision-making. The meetings build logically and incrementally on each other to provide a comprehensive view of your financial health, and deliver insights that allow for timely adjustments and course corrections when necessary. These planning meetings follow this general schedule:

  • We begin each year by reviewing your financial goals to assess progress on investments, cash flow, spending, and debt, as well as any changes that have occurred that could impact your financial picture.
  • In the second quarter, we meet to discuss the allocation of your assets and to make any adjustments needed to rebalance the portfolio in response to risks that may have emerged.
  • In the third quarter, we review your cash flow, legacy planning, and insurance coverage, addressing any gaps that may exist in such areas as life, disability, and personal property.
  • For the final meeting of the year, we review your financial information as it relates to taxes, and discuss specific actions to take in order to reduce or eliminate your tax exposure.

As an additional part of our financial planning services, we provide a customized personal financial dashboard that encompasses every aspect of your finances, no matter where the component assets are currently held. The dashboard provides a unified, easy-to-use view of all relevant account balances, insurance coverages, investment performance, and other factors. A unique value of this tool combined with our industry leading financial planning software is that together, they facilitate the testing of a variety of financial planning scenarios and investment strategies to address specific needs and contingencies — and to find the solutions most likely to deliver the results you seek.

For more information about our comprehensive financial planning services, please contact us.